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100% Hay sells hatching and eating eggs, and we rear a small amount of chickens, geese and ducks for sale as laying and meat birds.


Please contact us for availability and prices.


Hatching eggs can be delivered by post or collected by arrangement.


We breed British Poulet Bresse chickens.

Poulet Bresse are the best dual purpose chicken breed.  They come into lay and are ready for the table from four months of age.  They are one of the best poultry to breed for meat being small boned and large breasted.   They also lay very well, up to 250 eggs a year .  Originating from the Bresse region in France they are pure white with the trade mark blue feet.  They are a very calm and friendly breed who forage well not consuming as much feed as other meat birds.

For more information on our rare breed chickens, contact us.


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