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We were introduced to kimchi by a wonderful Korean man who helped us one summer a few years ago on our farm.  He showed us how to make raw kimchi following his mothers recipe.  We have had such a great response :    “authentically  produced”, “as made in Korea” are some of the comments we have received from people.



We grow most of the ingredients and hand process the kimchi on the farm and use no pesticides or herbicides whatsoever. 


At the moment we produce Mak kimchi which is a traditional kimchi with cabbage as the base vegetable and kohl rabi kimchi but we hope to be adding other seasonal varieties this year.


Kimchi is a naturally fermented pickle it varies from area to area in Korea.  It is high in vitamins and is high in lactic acid bacteria which help maintain a healthy gut.  The american Health magazine named kimchi in its top 5 healthiest foods. It is low in calories but unlike a lot of low calorie low fat foods it satisfies hunger cravings.  Seoul University has even done a study proving that chickens infected with avian flu recovered after eating the cultured bacteria in kimchi   But, perhaps more importantly it is a great spicy side dish with enlivens the simplest of foods from cheese on toast to a Korean feast.  The average Korean eats 40kg a year so its popularity there speaks for itself!  Kimchi has been cited as a top food trend for 2015/16 by many foodies and is earning its place in peoples fridges as a great side dish for many meals.  



We produce a thai green curry paste using fresh lemongrass and other ingredients grown on the farm.

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