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Please contact us at 100% Hay by phone 01497 821113; or email your order to *Prices may vary.
Hatching Egg Price List


Ayam Cemani £18.00 per 6

Araucana £12.00 per 6

British Poulet Bresse £18.00 per 6

Swedish flower hen £24.00 per 6

Burmese bantam £18.00 per 6


Indian runner duck £12.00 per 6

Welsh harlequin duck £12.00 per 6


Pilgrim geese £20.00 per 4


All hatching eggs will be sent by Royal Mail special delivery. This is the best method, as the post is kept separately from other mail. 
The cost for postage and packaging is:

£8.00 First class / £10 Royal Mail Special Delivery 
for 6 chicken and duck  eggs

£10 First class / £12  Royal Mail Special Delivery  for 12 chicken and duck  eggs

£10.55 for 4 goose eggs.
In-person collection of eggs is available by arrangement.
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