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Geese and Ducks



We have two separate lines of pilgrim geese (with a third being developed)  they are an auto sexing rare breed goose, they are lightweight between 12 - 15 kg.  The standard for the males is white with some light grey feathering allowed around the tail under the wings.  The female is mostly grey with some white speckling around the head and eyes which increases with age and their grey feathers have lighter scalloping around the edges.  From an economic stance they are one of the best geese to keep on a grass only diet (12-15 geese per acre) but will need supplementing with a high protein feed when laying (which will produce larger eggs and therefore larger geese).  They lay about 30-40 eggs per year from mid February to June. Hatching eggs are available during this period please see price list and contact us by email for availability.  I will also have a limited amount of breeding pairs available.




I have a large mixed coloured flock which we use to keep the slug population down in our vegetable garden.   As well as being good providers of eggs, up to 220 a year they are a wonderfully entertaining breed who are fairly simple to rear and look after.




A rare breed small medium sized duck which is one of the best feed/egg ratio duck to keep.  They lay well all year up to 300 eggs p.a.  They are easy to handle and rear and like the indian runners slug a separate field in our vegetable market garden.

 Please contact us at 100% Hay by phone, 01497 821113; or email  to see which birds and egggs are available.

All our birds are fed only organic feeds and foraged foods.  They are reared as naturally as possible with the same philosophy we follow on our small commercial vegetable farm.  I have sourced all my birds from the best stock possible.  We sell hatching and eating eggs and  and rear a small amount of chickens, geese and ducks for sale as laying and meat birds.  Please contact for availability.  Hatching eggs can be posted and collected by arrangement. Please see price list for details

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