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Rare Breed Chickens



An Indonesian rare breed chicken who have black feathers, flesh and bones.  With their purple green sheened feathers they are the a very attractive breed.  They lay around 120 eggs a year laying well in winter.   They are a small medium breed who enjoy foraging and can be quite flighty.




Burmese bantams are one of the rarest bantams only being brought back from the edge of extinction recently.  They are one of the friendliest of bantams.  They are pure white with a wonderful quiff of feathers on they head, a single comb and bright yellow feathered feet they also carry the creeper gene so have very short legs.




 Aracauna chickens are a rare breed they are a medium sized chicken (although classed as a large breed) originating from Chilie.  They are a very attractive breed and are a very calm and friendly laying the best blue coloured chicken egg.  They have a triple pea comb and clean legs.  They lay 200-250 eggs a year laying also well in winter months.




Poulet Bresse are the best dual purpose chicken breed.  They come into lay and are ready for the table from four months of age.  They are one of the best poultry to breed for meat being small boned and large breasted.   They also lay very well, up to 250 eggs a year .  Originating from the Bresse region in France they are pure white with the trade mark blue feet.  They are a very calm and friendly breed who forage well not consuming as much feed as other meat birds.




Although not well known in the UK, the Swedish Flower hen is very popular in the U.S.  It is one the chickens that the renowned Greenfire farms in the U.S. breeds.  It is a landrace rare breed which is to say that has evolved over time to produce many different patterned feathering which is one of the pleasures of rearing them is you never know what feathering you will get each one is unique.  It also means from a health stance because of the mixed genes they are much hardier and less prone to the diseases that many other pure bred chickens can have.   They are good layers of cream coloured eggs about 200+ per year.   I have two separate lines who are contained in two large garden enclosures so can provide different lines for breeding.

 Please contact us at 100% Hay by phone, 01497 821113; or email  to see which birds and eggs are available.

All our birds are fed only organic feeds and foraged foods.  They are reared as naturally as possible with the same philosophy we follow on our small commercial vegetable farm.  I have sourced all my birds from the best stock possible.  We sell hatching and eating eggs and  and rear a small amount of chickens, geese and ducks for sale as laying and meat birds.  Please contact for availability.  Hatching eggs can be posted and collected by arrangement. Please see price list for details

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